Care Coordination


Mary Hook, PhD, RN-BC, Research Scientist, Advocate Aurora Health Care

Lori Popejoy, PhD, RN, FAAN, Associate Professor, Helen E. Nahm Endowed Professor, University of Missouri


Chelsea Biel 
Kyle Carson
Greg Craig 
Laura Hermann Langford
Stephanie Hartleben 
Sharon Hewner
Stephanie Johnson 
Matthew Keller
Jean Scholz
Pauline Sokolow
Christine Spisla
Brooke Trainum 
Nikki VandeGarde 
Bonnie Wakefield


To identify nursing-sensitive essential shareable and comparable data elements for exchanging across settings to support care coordination activities and improve patient outcomes.  Based on group input, missing information includes patient preferences, goals, strengths, ability to self-management

To use a cross-sectional survey methodology with care coordinators (managers/direct care providers) AIM: to describe: 1) characteristics of care coordinators, 2) how they do their work, 3) the current state of information that they collect, and 4) identify gaps/missing information needed to facilitate the communication and care across the care continuum

To identify specific data elements used by professional nurse care coordinators to support the exchange of vital information between all stakeholders [future]

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