Coordination of Nurse Sensitive Data Elements Across Workgroups

Title:  Coordination of Nurse Sensitive Data Elements Across Workgroups

Author(s):  Knowledge Modeling Workgroup

Abstract:   The Vision of the Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Initiative (NKBDS) is to have better health outcomes resulting from standardization and integration of the information nurses gather in electronic health records and other information systems, addition of contextual data about patients, including environmental, geographical, behavioral, imaging, and more. To achieve this vision, multiple Workgroups are identifying data elements related various aspects of nursing – such as the value of nursing, social determinants of health, mental/ behavioral health, care coordination, admission history, and information models related to pain, genitourinary system, fall prevention, and venous thrombosis embolism prevention. Workgroups shared their list of data elements and related information for harmonization to the Information Modeling Workgroup. The attached document is a reference for others working with similar topics. This is a work in process and not to be considered a final product.

Knowledge Modeling
Care coordination
Context of Care
Data integration, standardization and interoperability
Data sharing / interoperability
Data standards
Information modeling
Knowledge representation, management, engineering
Knowledge representation, management, or engineering
Mobile Health, wearable devices and health applications in the Internet of Things (IoT)
Social determinants of health