About Us

We share a vision of better health outcomes for individuals,  families and communities empowered by the standardization and integration of the information nurses gather in electronic health records and other information systems. This data including environmental, geographical, behavioral information, coupled with relationship, is increasingly the source of insights and evidence used to prevent, diagnose, treat and evaluate health conditions and lead to breakthroughs for the health of individuals, families, communities and populations. 

Join professionals from academia, practice, research,  information technology, health systems and standards organizations from across the nation committed to advancing the National Action Plan for discovery of nursing knowledge to achieve health improvements and efficiencies that will come from ensuring that nursing data is captured in electronic health records and other sources, and that the data is available in sharable and comparable formats supporting useful, actionable insights by clinicians, researchers, policymakers and patients.   

We invite you to explore, learn, collaborate, and co-create the highest level  of health of individuals, families, and communities.