Policy and Advocacy


Whende M. Carroll, MSN, RN-BC, Founder, Nurse Evolution


Kelly Aldrich
Susan Alexander
Christel Anderson
Ida Androwich
Marianne Baernholdt
Kari Ballou
Nancy Beale
Melissa Serna Breth
Willa Fields
Valerie Fong
Brenda Kulhanek
Norma Lang
Laura Heermann Langford Karen Dunn Lopez 
Ellen Makar
Judy Murphy
Anna Omery
Jana Pownell
Priya Rajamani 
Nur Rajwany
Cathy Schwartz
Tamara Schwitchtenberg
Joyce Sensmeier


To elevate the voice and visibility of each workgroup’s nurse-led Big Data initiatives BY recommending policy statements and advocacy to support the dissemination of leading-edge collateral and work products

Contact nursingbigdata@umn.edu to volunteer for this working group.