Transforming Documentation


David Boyd, DNP, RN, CNS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, Regional Director - Nursing Informatics, Kaiser Permanente

Bonnie Adrian, PhD RN-BC, Research Nurse Scientist, Clinical Informatics - UCHealth


Cheryl Abbott
Mischa Adams
Bonnie Adrian
Michele Berg
David Boyd
Sandy Cho
Avaretta Davis
Jane Englebright
Tracia Forman
Becky Fox
Susan Grossman
Cheryl Hager
Anna Halvorson
Stephanie Hartleben
Mary Hook
Rebecca Kohler
Anne LaFlamme
Erin Langmead
Toni Laracuente
Kay Lytle
Ann O'Brien
Luz Ortiz-Corral
Sarah Michel
Yvonne Mugford
Toni Phillips
Johnston Thayer
Patty Sengstack
Theresa (Tess) Settergren
Gregg Springan
Darinda Sutton
Peggy White


Explore ways to decrease the nursing documentation burden and serve up the information already in the electronic health record at the right time in the workflow to support evidence-based and personalized care. Elevate purpose-driven, role-based, patient-centric, evidence-informed documentation transformation to capture nurse observations and interventions and drive purposeful secondary-use & precision nursing. Transformation supports enhanced data utilization to drive and measure improvement in patient outcomes and illuminate nursing’s value and contribution in healthcare.

The Admission History Cross-WG Task Force is charged with defining a model for Nursing Admission History for the adult patient admitted to an acute care facility for medical/surgical care. The outputs will guide continued work in defining Nursing Admission History and Screening for other patients/settings.


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