Genitourinary Information Model

Title: Genitourinary Information Model

Author(s):  Bonnie L. Westra, Kay S. Lytle, Luann Whittenburg, Mischa Adams, Samira Ali, Meg Furukawa, Stephanie Hartleben, Mary Hook, Steve Johnson, Sarah Collins Rossetti,Tess (Theresa) Settergren, Knowledge Information Workgroup

Use of electronic health record (EHR) data is expanding to support quality improvement and research; however, this requires standardization of the data and validation within and across organizations. The process of creating and validating Information models (IMs) evolves over time and an example of a genitourinary (GU) IM was developed using the latest process. The GU IM includes data elements, definitions, data types, values, and relationships. The intention is to include an essential list of concepts and value sets for standardization across organizations. The intended result is to reduce the burden on nursing documentation and support quality improvement and research. The IM is is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License in January, 2020. To view a summary of the license, go to Organizations are encouraged to implement the GU IM in their EHRs.

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Data Modeling
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Information modeling
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