A Primer on Social Media Analytics

2018 Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference

Pre-Conference Track 2: Social Media Analytics and Mobile Technology

Minneapolis, June 13, 2018

PowerPoint Presentation (24 Slides)

Introduction to Track 2

In the last decade, the explosion in mobile technology and the intranet of things has ushered in vast, new sources of data through in‐home sensors, social media websites and patient engagement software. Nurse scientists are in the early stages of investigating how patterns hidden in these large data sets hold the key to improving health. This interactive track will provide exemplars and discuss how social media, sensor data and patient engagement software are combining to provide insight into solving complex health problems.

Presented by: 

Thomas Clancy, MBA, PhD, RN, FAAN
Clinical Professor and Associate Dean
Faculty Practice, Partnerships and Professional Development
University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Martin Michalowski, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Social Media