SDOH needs related to the Omaha System problems

The purpose of the SDOH Acute or Chronic Unstable Housing guideline is to provide a shared care plan for individuals experiencing acute or chronic challenges to stable housing. The Big Data Nursing Science (BDNS) Social Determinants of Health workgroup set as a 2018 goal the creation of a user story as a test case for data stored in the Big Data warehouse.  The concept of unstable housing was chosen because of the frequency and high impact of unstable housing on individual health and ability to fully participate in the healthcare system. The workgroup identified the problems included in this guideline.  Nursing experts from various practice venues are included in this workgroup including individuals in public health, school health, vendors, informatics, and pediatrics. This workgroup modified a user story template created by the BDNS Nursing Value workgroup to accommodate the Omaha System Problem, Signs and Symptoms, Category, Target, Knowledge, Behavior and Status schema.  There were four problems identified as impactful to unstable housing: communication with community resources, income, mental health and substance use. The interventions were selected from the SDOH pathway problems and interventions developed by the Omaha System Community of Practice.


Lynn Choromanski, MVNA

Karen A. Monsen, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Encoded by: Lynn Choromanski

Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
Omaha problems
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